Comfortable rental apartments / almost completely energy-neutral apartments in a modern farmhouse at just 1,4 miles from the University of Groningen in a quiet area at the canalized river Reitdiep
Comfortable rental apartments / almost completely energy-neutral apartments in a modern farmhouse at just 2.2 km (1.4 miles) from the University of Groningen in a quiet area at the canalized river Reitdiep

Healthy living in the countryside near Groningen, comfortable, almost energy neutral and only a short bike ride away from the university? It’s all possible, but not right now. Our 5 apartments are occupied / rented for an indefinite period. As soon an apartment will become available, each time we will publish this here on this page. See also the different web pages for the different apartments and the page ‘pricing’.

Interested? Questions? You want to receive a message once a tenant of your favorite apartment plans to leave? Please send us an e-mail or use the form on the webpage ‘Contact owners’.

The five sustainable apartments at the Reitdiep Canal were built in 2015 and look out over the (clean) water, a small nature reserve and the Groningen landscape. 

The farm dates from 1764 and has been called “De Kolde Oven” for centuries. It is situated nearby the Zernike Campus (University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences) as well as the suburb Reitdiep / Reitdiephaven, at a 7 minute bike ride , where a variety of shops can be found.   On your way, you will pass two primary schools and a day care centre, situated at 5 minutes (1 mile).

See the page “Overview and rents per month” for prices and other specifications.

Sustainable and comfortable

The newly built development is almost completely energy-neutral, thanks to exceptional wall, floor and roof insulation, and our own power supply using a ground sourced heat pump and 70 solar panels. Our farm acquired the best energy label that the government can give: Energy label A. The apartments were built for people to live and work in peace and quiet, and to enjoy the view, but also for people who love to play music inside your own apartment without seriously disturbing others. We even took into account possible future earthquakes .

A unique combination of country life in a farm dating back to 1764, with all the comfort of sustainable new construction. Get to enjoy the 7,5 acres of farmyard and waterside view, yet have all the services of a moderate city nearby. In summer time you can swim, and in the winter (if we will have a real winter again) we have our own quiet ice skating rink on the canal. In the future the apartments will have their share in a communal garden, as well as access to a bicycle shelter to be built. There are also fruit trees to be shared. Tenants can choose to take care of the garden, but this is not mandatory.

The largest apartment comes with a private garden to be cared for by the tenants themselves.

It might be the most beautiful location in Groningen. In the construction, the character of the building, the original 256-year-old farmhouse (the smaller part at the front), and the century old trees have been preserved. In the past two decades we have planted many new trees. In 2015 the new apartments have been built from the ground up. They show modern architecture, are very comfortable, and the whole building has a new sustainable power supply. Extra attention is paid to design, warmth- and sound insulation, as well as a healthy climate inside: there is a constant supply of fresh air. Summer or winter, you will be very comfortable here.

Would you like to live in the countryside near Groningen, either temporarily (short stay) or permanently and do you accept, that some construction work around the farm will be continued for a while? Click on the menu for an overview (prices, sizes, etc.) , more information and pictures per apartment.

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