Sustainability & Comfort

All apartments have been equipped with comfortable underfloor heating, eliminating the need for radiators which saves space. The power for the underfloor heating and warm water from the tap comes from a shared installation. This means there are no central heating boilers taking up space inside the apartments. Also no space is needed for a washing machine and/or dryer: you can use our shared launderette.

Reducing greenhouse gas emission

The collective installation is almost self supporting and most sustainable, and makes the entire building nearly completely energy-neutral. Four geothermal energy sources, each 110m (360 feet) under ground, a heat pump, 60 solar panels, and a large buffer of warm water, together with the extra insulation provide a pleasant climate inside, and swiftly available warm water at minimal gas usage.

This way we contribute to the reducing of greenhouse gas emissions, without any concessions to our living comfort.