Sustainable apartments at the Reitdiep waterside

The apartments are part of the 250 year old farm named “De Kolde Oven”. The image below shows a floor-plan with the location of the apartments.

 20151124 BG met App ABCDEFThere are three types of apartments:

  1. A, B, and C: Three of the same 1-bedroom apartments.
  2. D: A 2-bedroom apartment with 2 balconies and a wide view at 2 sides.
  3. F: A 4-bedroom apartment

Apartments A, B, C, and D all look out over the water (Reitdiep)

Apartment F is large. It has a living room of 39,2 m² (420 Ft²), four bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and a small storage space in the attic. You will look out on your own garden (yet to be laid out), as well as on an already present garden and orchard.