Apartment F – A four-bedroom house with private garden

Further information about apartment F

There are four individuals sharing this apartment. Once one will leave, the stayers select a new candidate as their new housemate. Latest news: One has left. If you are interested in sharing this apartment with the now living other three, you are welcome to contact us.

This house is a spectacular place to live, because of the design, the height of the enormous window in the living room, and especially because of the light from every side.

From the outside the building still looks like the modest barn it once was. The contrast however is evident once you step inside and see how spacious and light it is within. This house is very quiet and extremely comfortable, far from the main road, hidden in all the green.

The open kitchen is furnished with an induction stove, a draw-out exhaust hood, combination oven (fan oven, grill, microwave), dish washer, refrigerator, and freezer compartment, a long kitchen counter with a stainless steel sink. The kitchen includes seven drawers and five large cupboards. Everything is covered in birch veneer.

Apartment F has a large and very comfortable bathroom, four bedrooms (or work spaces), of which two are on the ground floor. One of these two is called “the garden room”, because when you are in this room it feels almost like you are outside.  There is storage space beneath the crest

There are curtains and the bedrooms at the first floor have insect screens.

Floor plan apartment F, 87,5/90,5 m²:

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